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Biond Fury has been a clairvoyant and the first to be called a clairvoyant medium. Biond has had an international television broadcast for the last 40 years featuring his live interaction with the public regarding their questions and concerns. He has also had a connection with John Lennon as a clairvoyant medium after the former Beatle was shot and killed at the Dakota Building in 1980 in New York City.


When Biond wanted to connect to John Lennon’s spirit he asked why he wanted to make the connection with him? John’s spirit replied “I want to prove that life continues after our death and beyond. Biond responded, “prove it to me” and John replied, “If this gets to be too much for you tell me and I will come back later Ha ha, I am going to send you 10 objects in my lifetime which I experienced in my personal life before I died to validate the experience to make the connection”.


Over a period of years, this has been proven to be incredibly true. The first object was The original lead sheet to the song “Yesterday”. This was the original document. In fact, the song was originally titled “Scrambled Eggs”. Paul McCartney wrote on the top of the lead sheet that he had nothing to do with this song in red ink.


Here is a list of the objects, these include:

  1. 1956 Psychedelic Bentley
  2. 1956 Austin Princess Black Hearse- this is the hearse that took John Lennon’s mother to be buried.
  3. 1956 Mercedes Convertible Cobalt Blue-This was a custom made convertible built for John Lennon with right hand drive.
  4. Dark Green Chrysler Station Wagon that John Lennon drove around the country while detoxing from heroin with Yoko Ono.
  5. The original white suit that John Lennon wore on the cover of The Beatles Abbey Road album.
  6. The authentic jacket that John Lennon wore when he sang the song “Imagine” on an international broadcast filmed at his estate in London, England behind a white piano in the white room.
  7. One of the Academy Awards for the film Let It Be also received along with the other 3 Beatles. John Lennon gave and sold the award at a charity auction in New England, U.S.A. Biond bought it from Marvin Weiner, a New York real estate entrepreneur.
  8. The Raccoon Jacket worn by John Lennon during the filming and the broadcast of the Beatles on the rooftop of Abbey Road Records in London, England.
  9. The authentic lead sheet to the song “Yesterday” written by the Beatles.
  10. A pair of black sun glasses that were owned by the late John Lennon.


John’s spirit told Biond that after you receive these objects, I am going to help you with your work and music and direct someone that needs your help. This turned out to be Jack Douglas who produced John Lennon’s last two albums Double Fantasy and Imagine before John’s death in 1980 in New York City. Biond filmed and documented a 40 hour interview with Jack Douglas in which Jack revealed many secrets of his work with John Lennon over the years which included Double fantasy and Milk and Honey. Jack Douglas also produced Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper and Zebra. He also produced several of Aerosmith’s famous albums which included Toys in The Attic, Rocks, Get Your Wings. And Gems. The B.B.C visited and spoke to Biond Fury in regards to a documentary about Biond’s medium/mystic connection with John Lennon after his death. This is still under discussion at the present time. The producer came to interview Biond Fury at his estate in North Carolina on 1810 Cedar Street which will be discussed in the next paragraph.

Manifested Objects From John Lennon

Several decades later, Biond started to receive input and psychic impressions from Kathleen Peterson regarding her murder in the famous house located at 1810 Cedar Street in Durham, North Carolina. While still living in New York City, Biond began receiving impressions from Kathleen Peterson predicating her death. Biond flew to Durham, NC from New York City and purchased the home where Kathleen lived with her husband.  Just like with the John Lennon connection, Biond soon afterwards began receiving more psychic impressions from Kathleen after her death. These impressions forewarned of her death in this house. Kathleen told Biond that she was murdered in the house. Biond is currently working on a book a book entitled ”Blood Speaks”. This book speaks of Kathleen Peterson’s bloody murder in great detail.

Kathleen communicated to Biond all of the details of her bloody murder. She communicated how she died slowly and bled to death at the foot of the stairs. The facts of this story have been greatly publicized over the years by the world wide international media. There was a documentary featured on the HBO network as well as on Netflix. Biond received direct information from Kathleen in these clairvoyant communications revealing a lot of unanswered questions and unsolved mysteries that are related to this murder. Biond Fury even wrote a song about this experience entitled “Little Murders, Staircase Murders”. Biond will be doing interviews about the book “Blood Speaks” which will be released to the public in the not-too-distant future. Blood Speaks soon to be revealed.

Biond’s experience with this house as well as with John Lennon’s death are only two stories out of many of Biond’s paranormal activities and communications with celebrity and famous figures throughout his life.

The Story About the Peterson House

Kathleen told Biond when, where, and how she was murdered. She also said how she died slowly and suffered as she bled to death in the house at the base of the stairway outside of the kitchen

Psychic Buys Former Peterson Home

Starting at an early age, Biond began to develop his supernatural talents with communicating with the living and dead which included his 17 year old brother, who left for college but never returned home. Biond Fury could not look into the casket because it was too disturbing to him. Biond’s brother appeared to him after his death. His brother wore distinct clothes. He asked later of his family what Richard (Biond’s brother) was wearing in his casket at his funeral to verify what he was wearing when he appeared to him after his death. This was a very chilling experience for Biond when he was younger.

Recently Biond was approached by the BBC to do a documentary about his life and work.

Biond wants to continue to share and explore the thin line between life and death.

“When the face of Life and Death sees the face of death in life
reflected in the mirror, the key to Biond the Biond will appear…”

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