Welcome to the Biond Fury website. This is the first interactive virtual reality website that will lead you into the magic realms where the world of physical matter interacts with the spiritual worlds of our universe. Prepare yourself! You are about to expand not only your physical senses of sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing, but also your extrasensory experience and perception.


Follow the three geometrical icons that are the key areas on this website.

The Circle represents The Spirit
The Triangle represents The Mind
The Square represents The Body or Physical Reality

Select one of the icons to begin your journey. The path that you choose is your own, remembering that the computer chips which store memory are composed of some of the same elements that make up the nervous system of the human body. Your computer and the Internet are only physical instruments. I am about to lead you on the path of creating your own personal magic or alchemy using these physical instruments. It would be helpful to obtain your own personal quartz crystal, which will help you to manifest your destiny.

The Universe is unlimited; your potential is unlimited. The path is yours. The challenge is yours. The journey is yours, Destination Beyond the Beyond…. Welcome…. Biond L. Fury

From Biond the Biond.


The music of Biond Fury™ was inspired to interact and catalyze not only our five senses, but our awakening sixth sense as well. The music and lyrics come to Biond in visions. Over the years, Biond has written over 100 songs. These songs relate to the characters, action, and story line and bring it to mythical proportions.


For the first time, I shall introduce you to your interactive spiritual universe. The laws of which also apply to our physical world. Follow me through the steps of opening the door to “Beyond the Beyond”. This is that ultimate spiritual vibration which will catalyze major transformation in the events of your every day life.


The human mind is a vault of undiscovered power and mystery, “Biond Matter”, “Biond Space”, “Biond Time”.  We only understand probably less than 1% of the power and potential of the human brain. In my search for the key’s to opening the door to this store house of unlimited potential, I have discovered certain alchemical secrets.


The Body which is represented by the Square is The Power of Now which opens the doorways to my White Light Meditation using The Nine Alchemical Keys.